Don’t Take Your Hair Fall Lightly, Check Out Two Herbs Today

Thick, voluminous hair is desired by many. But you can translate this distant dream into reality with a disciplined approach and consistent hair care routine. But picking the right kind of regimen which will work matching your hair needs can be tricky. Let us find out the various causes of hair fall.

What causes Hair Fall?

Limiting hair fall is always the initial step towards healthy hair. Whether you aim for volume or shine, a must for these things will always be healthy hair. Extreme hair fall, on the other hand, doesn’t help in achieving any of it. Though, the first thing to know is the difference between hair fall and hair loss. A small amount of hair fall is a normal thing and shedding up to 100 strands a day on average is not a cause of concern. If this hair fall goes beyond the mark of 100 strands often, it might require you to take a look at it. At this moment, your hair fall can start spiraling into hair loss. It can occur due to a variety of reasons like diet, genetics, or lifestyle choices. Thinning is among the foremost indications of minor to moderate hair loss. It may not essentially lead to baldness, but can affect hair quality and growth over time. Some forms of hair loss also result in patches of sparse growth on the scalp. Over time, some follicles stop producing hair and the hair starts to lose its color. In cases of aging, the hair also loses its thickness and becomes prone to breakage. If you too are experiencing the signs mentioned above, Check out Two Herbs today for hair treatment in Singapore here.

Check out Two Herbs today for hair treatment in Singapore here.

Listed below are some causes of thinning hair: –

  • Genetics: Genetics Genes are primarily responsible for androgenic alopecia, that is, pattern baldness. This kind of hair thinning affects males in the form of a retreating hairline to the reverse of the head. In ladies, it affects the crown of the head and is observed as a widening partition.
  • Diet: A poor diet could also impact your hair health as the insufficiency of certain nutrients affects the body’s capability to induce new hair from the follicles. Besides all this, a bad diet can also present itself through problems like dry, brittle hair and dandruff.
  • Stress: Lengthy periods of mental, physical, or psychological tension may lead to a hair loss condition called telogen effluvium, where a large percentage of hair follicles enter the shedding phase of the hair cycle. This intensifies the hair fall and makes the hair appear thinner. However, telogen effluvium is revocable as once the phase passes, hair follicles can return back to the usual state of the hair cycle.

If the underlying cause goes unaddressed, no matter what course of action is followed, it will do little to nothing to control it. To undergo a treatment that works, you should aim to find the root cause of your hair fall. Check out Two Herbs today for hair treatment in Singapore here, which hits the bull’s eye by not only improving your hair regeneration but by actually recommending the most suitable treatment through a thorough assessment.