What type of vape is a mist vape pen ?

The inbuilt 500mAh battery of the Mist vape pen can be charged using the Micro-USB connector. It doesn’t have a lot of functions and is a fairly straightforward device to use. You do, however, have a pre-heat setting and temperature control options. Favorite vape company Diamond Mist UK has now unveiled Diamond Mist bars, a line of disposable vape kits. The Diamond Mist bars are the ideal Disposable because they are a “pick up and go” style of vape kit and don’t require any prior vaping experience to use them. You may even more easily quit smoking with the help of Diamond Mist Bars, which come in a variety of delicious flavours with a 20mg nicotine salt. You won’t have to worry about leaking and squandering your preferred e-liquid thanks to the convenience of not needing to refill, and the draw activation makes vaping a smooth experience—you don’t hold a button to smoke a cigarette, do you?  And let’s face it, nobody enjoys having to recharge their kits! The flavour and smoothness of the Diamond Mist Bars will wow you after you open the device and take your first draw-activated hit. In addition, the 500mah battery combined with the 2ml e-liquid will allow you to vape up to 575 puffs without even charging your device.

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 Total puffs in a Diamond Mist Bar :

The average DM Bar device produces 575 puffs. The equivalent of about two packs of cigarettes is one DM Bar (40 cigarettes). Two millilitres of 20mg Nicotine Salt e-liquid make up one DM Bar. Additionally, the device has a 400mAh battery that should last long enough to allow for the use of the 2ml of nic salt vape juice. Disposable vapes undoubtedly offer advantages, but they also have disadvantages. Disposable vapes, like the Diamond Mist Bars, are great for heavy smokers switching to vaping, but they can be dangerous for average vapers since they deliver a potent nicotine hit while still being very smooth, giving the impression that you can smoke a lot more. One of Diamond Mist’s most well-known tobacco-flavored beverages is called Silver Mist, and it tastes a lot like a Lambert and Butler cigarette, which has a somewhat harsh but smooth and sweet flavour. To satisfy the preferences of their customers, Diamondmisteliquid.co.uk carries a wide range of flavours, from fruit to menthol to tobacco.