The Main Types Of Bong And Their Characteristics

As the variety of models available on the market is wide, one can happily separated the most common types of bongs based on the functions and sensations they provide a refreshing feeling.

We already know that bongs soften the heat of the smoke that bothers some users of silks or pipes. But some do it more intensively than others.The Glass bongs with the straight tube are one of them. As the smoke has to travel a longer way from the bowl to you, it arrives fresher. This option is also great for those who like an even cooler feel and add ice to the mix.

Percolators also cause this cooler breeze. These accessories make the smoke come into contact with the water and travel a longer path, making it more refreshing.

choosing Bong


Angled bongs, which have a slight inclination, are great choices for those who are just starting out on this trip – even if they already have experience with cannabis cigarettes, for example.That’s because they usually come with a set of percolators or more, so the smoke they produce is less dense and the trip is smoother. Those with the classic beaker base are also a great choice for the first bongadas. They have a greater capacity to store water, which makes the smoke more filtered, but in greater quantity – the lungs need to be prepared.


For those who don’t know, it’s possible to vaporize Dabs too. They are concentrated cannabis oils that provide stronger and more intense sensations.To consume them, you need a specific bong, the oil , which has a compartment to put the concentrate and heat it up.The internet is loaded full of complete talking about Dabs. In addition to these types, you can still find several others. There are bongs that stand out for their look, such as personalized and scientific ones – which can also be used for incredible experiences!

But, in addition to all that, accessories also interfere a lot with your friend’s performance. Bowls, bangers, dichavadores and other pieces, if chosen correctly, can optimize vaporization and leave it the way you want.Before you buy, know what bong accessories are for , so you don’t spend money on things you won’t use!

Knowing about types and their characteristics makes you to choose which type you want easier than without knowing about it.