The Advantages of Using Paper Cups Rather Than Cones

Are you stumped as to how to serve your ice cream? Ice cream shop owners today have a wide range of packaging and serving options for their ice cream goods, from traditional ice cream cones to personalized ice cream cups.

While cones are the traditional method of serving ice cream many people still refer to it as “ice cream cones”, there are various advantages to serving your ice cream in individual ice cream cups instead. We’ve outlined three main advantages to selecting ice cream cups over cones below, ranging from increased brand exposure to easier carryout orders.

Cups make it simple to promote your business.

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Ice cream cups are inexpensive and practical, and they can be customized with your logo to place your business front and center anytime someone purchases ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or another product from your shop.

This implies that each ice cream you sell is not just a source of cash for your company, but also a promotional tool you can use to raise brand awareness, attract new consumers, and improve sales.

Because your consumers will be walking around the neighborhood with their ice cream cups in hand, it’s easy for your cup design to catch the attention of tens or hundreds of individuals based on a single purchase.

This attention increases your brand’s visibility, which can lead to more foot traffic in your ice cream shop, sales for your prepackaged ice cream brand, and overall visibility and brand awareness for your company.

Cups are inexpensive and easy to make.

Wholesale ice cream cups are incredibly inexpensive, making them a wonderful alternative if you want to keep your ice cream business’s costs as low as possible. When you buy thousands of ice cream cups, the cost per unit drops dramatically. This makes it simple to offer your ice cream goods at competitive pricing, allowing you to compete on both price and quality with other ice cream manufacturers.

Cups, unlike cones, do not perish.

One of the most significant disadvantages of ice cream cones is that they are perishable commodities, which means that if they aren’t consumed promptly, they will go bad. This implies you’ll need to order and use fresh cones on a regular basis to avoid wasting inventory and thus money.

Wholesale ice cream cups, on the other hand, are simple to buy in quantity and store for months at a time, allowing you to focus on running your ice cream business rather than continuously obtaining new supplies.