Selecting an engagement ring that complements her personality

Begin by deciding on a centrepiece. Colorless diamonds are a timeless, beautiful, and classy engagement ring classic. If she like the classic, a ring set with a magnificent white diamond is a sure option that will not let you down. The Venus ring is Indeed the classic diamond solitaire. However, you understand your loved one more than anybody else on the planet. Perhaps you’d like to communicate something special with a bespoke inner-band engraving? Perhaps you know she’ll love the artistry and originality of one of the distinctive hand-engraved motifs? Perhaps she enjoys nature, in which case a subtle nature-inspired design could have been the touch that warms her heart. The universe is your oyster, whether you pick from varied wedding collections or take advantage of the custom service as well. This ring is all yours to make hers. So choose the best
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  • Red represents most strong emotions: love, fury, and passion. It’s a colour linked with things of strength and desire, such as fast vehicles or flowers. Early societies valued rubies because of their resemblance to blood flowing through veins, thinking that they possessed the force of life. The red ruby is a seductive, luscious choice, ideal for the girl who lives for the moment.
  • Blue sapphires are regal, and have been worn by royalty throughout history, including Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor. The sapphire is supposed to represent nobility, trust, and devotion, making it an excellent pick for the girl who has always wanted to be a queen with her own Happily Together Ever since. Some wedding rings have a stunning core sapphire surrounded by hand-engraved vegetation.
  • Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are known as “cardinal jewels,” and have historically been considered the most valuable of all gemstones. Their luxurious status and high Hardness Scale scores make them perfect for once-in-a-lifetime diamonds such as engagement rings. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to white, red, and blue.
  • A lab-grown diamonds in a cheerful yellow hue, such as those featured in Hera line, is a sure-fire way of putting a smile on someone’s face of a sun-loving, free-spirited girl. An ethically sourced sapphire in pale pink or gentle mauve will complement an elegant and feminine ensemble. Whatever colour wheel you choose, any gemstone with an uncommon hue is a definite conversation opener. It is ideal for the lady who appreciates breaking the mould.