The four important tips in buying an engagement ring

Planning out on buying an engagement ring might be the hardest thing to do. As you have to consider things such as the cut quality, shape, and clarity of the diamond. You also have to check its carat weight and the type of metal that was used in the ring. Check its sizes, diamond shapes, and fluorescence.

Sadly most of the tips for engagement rings that were being shared in the media are not quite helpful. Sometimes it is too vague when they give you suggestions and ideas. But buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be hard. When you use the right process in finding the ring it will be easier for you and your partner will love it. And you won’t have to stress out yourself when you do shopping.

These tips will help you in finding the right engagement ring. These might help you in buying for the right price without compromising its quality.

Setting the budget

Aside from the other tips you might have read or heard, buying an engagement ring can cost you two to three months of your salary. And you also see the price range of rings which is costly to buy a good engagement ring.

These are the rules that are created by sellers and marketers so you will save more money to buy them. Rather than following these rules you better know your budget by depending on your financial situation and the ideas of your fiance to be.

When you get married and start a life together can be also expensive. Rather than buying an expensive engagement ring and following the outdated rules. You can make yourself less stressed and anxious by buying a ring that you can afford. Instead, you have to focus on your partner and feel the excitement that you’re going to be married soon.

Think about her style

Once you know about her style you will easily know what ring you have to buy for her. But when you’re unsure you can check her accessories and clothing. You will have a hint on what kind of style she wears. This might also be helpful by talking to her friends and family. They might give you a clue on what she really prefers and wants.

Deciding on what shape

After you have decided on your budget and style, you have to choose which shape of diamond you want to have. These are not only shapes but it reflects every personality. Others want a classic ring that looks like a round brilliant ring or cushion cut. Some want to have a pear-shaped ring for their engagement. When you have not liked the shapes that were given to you you can custom engagement rings. This will give you the precise shape that you want for your ring.

The diamond basics that you have to understand

When you understand the four C’s which are the Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. These will help you in choosing the right diamond. Every diamond’s beauty and quality can be different.

Cut: you only have to pick the perfect cut diamond to make sure that your stone has the most dazzle and fire. This is the most important factor in looking for a diamond.

Clarity: VS1 or VS2 will give you the best value which can be seen in the naked eye. The blemishes and inclusions cannot be seen in these grades.

Color: choose a diamond that is close to the colorless range. And once you have the diamond you will see that it is colorless in the D-F range but this will cost less.

Carat: once you see a ring that is sparkling the most. You have to focus on how nicely the diamond was cut instead of carat weight. After you have decided your grades with the other C’s. You can still look around and find the largest carat that still fits your budget.