Noticing some mistakes in wedding speeches usually now a days

As we all aware of wedding speeches and their importance. Moreover for delivering the best wedding speech, some kind of preparation is needed. But some people do mistakes in giving wedding speeches like the sister of the bride at their weddings. It might happen to over embarrassment too. Of course, there are plenty of reasons that you probably do mistakes in delivering proper wedding speeches exclusively.

Let’s know some mistakes clearly:

  • There are high chances of name pronouncing in a wrong way. For example, if you are a bride or a groom, these two people don’t have enough knowledge of the names of their guests those who are important to their families. Here there are more chances of mispronunciation problems by calling their names. Of course, some names are tricky too. This kind of pronouncing problem is not only seen with the bride or groom in thanking them but also to the remaining people who gives speech in the event. So, take care of their names while calling them.
  • Don’t play unnecessary or irrelevant jokes in the name of entertainment especially in the wedding speech you talk about. Take some stuff topic to present your speech especially when the sister of the bride that must give much emotionally and of course formally too. Never take out ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend relevant information in presence of everyone over there. It looks odd actually at that moment.

sister of the bride

  • Never take the secrecy of the topic that you maintain with the couple over there. Here private stories or memories are not good to bring in these wedding speeches at all.
  • Complete the speech within 3 to 5 minutes and not beyond that time range. It might make the guests feel bored with the long lengthy speeches you deliver.
  • Never try to consume more wine till the speech is completed. Too much consumption of drinks might affect your speech.
  • Get rid of ego problems and share the funny moments you had with the couple as well in your speech.
  • Try to give your speech with an eye to eye contact with your guests present over there. Don’t simply open down the speech you wrote on the piece of paper that brought along with you. Spontaneous speech delivery matters a lot and grabs the attention of the guests easily too.


Hence the above-discussed mistakes might help you to deliver the perfect wedding speech when your turn comes. So, prepare well to present a pleasant and entertaining speech to let the people enjoyed. Hope the major information might help you to prepare the best speech ever and ever like.