How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

One of the most important purchases you are going to make for your partner is an engagement ring. You are careful and meticulous in your choice not only because it is a costly purchase but also because you want your partner to love and cherish the ring. It’s only right for you to read a buying guide before you engage in your search for engagement rings online.

Don’t forget to look for a jeweler that you can trust. You have to check on testimonials and reviews of various jewelers before you decide to engage in one.

Figure out the 4 Cs

The 4 Cs are carat, cut, clarity, and color. This has become the official diamond grading system used in the mainstream market. Cut refers to the sparkle instead of the ring shape. This is graded from excellent to poor. If a diamond is cut into a particular shape such as a pear or oval, it is cut within prescribed perimeters to make sure that its facets interact fully with the light.

There is no perfect diamond. The diamond will have tiny white or black lines or flecks that came to be formed in it after many years of being on the earth. It is through these imperfections that clarity is determined. This is rated from being flawless to included. If it has fewer imperfections, it is more expensive.

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A diamond also has a spectrum of colors, but you can find the rarest one which has no color. It is ranked from D which means no color all the way to Z which means yellowish. The trend now includes pink, chocolate, and yellow. The more saturated the color, the higher the diamond’s value.

A diamond’s size or weight is measured in carats. The average carat in a diamond engagement ring is 1 or 200 milligrams.

Choose the shape

Try to determine what shape of the diamond goes well with the personality of your partner. You can have a round shape which is the best-seller and it highlights the brilliance of the diamond. The princess cut is pyramidal in shape, which means broad and with a flat top. This makes the stone appear larger than it actually is. The oval shape complements fingers that are long and lean. Another option is the cushion which is a vintage style created in the 1800s. It is predominantly square but has rounded corners.

Set your budget

The average diamond ring or a one-carat solitaire ring can cost $1,500. What is more crucial is to determine what to prioritize. Should you go for the quality of the stone, the intricate setting, or the add-ons like engravings, etc? You can start with simple platinum or pave band which you can embellish later on.