Filorga Eyes – Eyes Glow and Age Go

Filorga is one of the renowned names in the field of skincare. Filorga owns a wide range of products in the sphere of cosmetics and skincare. The unique formula of aesthetic technology makes Filogal – an incompatible brand in its segment.

The skin covering your eyes is too delicate to handle. It became a dire need to use eyes-specific products to deal with some determined eye issues. Although, peoples generally use face lotion instead of eye products, which can even worsen the situation. Hence, Filorga came up with its dedicated segment for eye care.

One Solution – Filorga Eyes of many problems

Dark circles near eyes are becoming the biggest concern of today’s youth. People work hard, day and night, and ultimately get dark circles around their eyes in return. Over an age, crow’s feet or wrinkles knocks and says, “Hey! it’s high time, I am coming”. At that instance, one needs specific care of their skin, specifically the skin around the eyes, and here, Filorga came up with its wrinkle-free, dark circle-free solution. Using Filorga Eyes can drastically reduce the sagging and puffiness caused in eyes due to weakness, sleepiness, or ageing.

Filorga contains Vitamin C, retinol, peptide, and many other important ingredients that take care of your eyes by boosting the collegian level, which is reduced because of ageing. The Filorga eye products work from the outside and filtrate the skin cells for a long-lasting effect. It prevents water loss and dryness, which is the ultimate cause of – dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, and many other eye problems. Ceramides and hyaluronic acid, the main components that keep eyes hydrated, are on the ingredient list of filorga eye specific products.

What do we offer?

  • FilorgaOptim Eyes Contour Cream is an eye cream that creates a triple action system against ageing, puffiness, and dark circles.
  • Filorga Oxygen Glow Eyes – the product for amazingly smooth skincare that nicely complements and boosts luminescence for naturally magnified eyes. It reinvigorates, hydrates, and detoxifies the skin.
  • Filorga Time Filler Eyes – A unique treatment that uses a strong collagen component to expose finer and more focused eye curves.
  • Filorga NCEF Reverse Eye – a potent eye cream packed with a mixture of five therapeutic agents that helps remove indications of ageing in the eye contour, will help you regain your skin’s youngness.
  • Filorga Micellar Solution -it is an efficient 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover that provides exceptional cleansing
  • FilorgaOptim Eyes Lotion – a tri-phasic eye make-up cleanser that unites waterproof effectiveness with serum properties in a single component while caring for the sensitive eye region.

It has been suggested that one use eye cream for eyes to stay away from the purview of eye problems.