A Great Way to Catch Some Sleep with Your Baby

Every new parent’s worst nightmare is not being able to put their baby to sleep. Some parents will think that they’re doing something wrong, which is why their baby is fussy and would always wake up. But in reality, there are many reasons why a baby would wake up every hour instead of the usual every three hours. One reason is because of their natural startle reflex, which is no parents’ fault. So to remedy the problem, the best solution is to use a baby swaddle. It can help them sleep much longer, which means more sleep for everyone too.

Love to Dream offers baby swaddles that are great for newborns up to two months. These are different from other swaddles because they let your baby sleep in their natural arms up position while giving them the freedom to learn how to self-soothe. It’s the best sleep remedy for your babies! Now both you and your newborn can have the good night’s sleep you deserve.

A Unique Way to Swaddle Your Babies

In general, swaddling is only allowed for babies that are up to two months of age. Swaddle Up is the unique baby swaddle from Love to Dream, made from high-quality materials and designed to give your baby the best sleep without interruption. With Swaddle Up, your baby will no longer wake up due to their natural startle reflex. It’s an award-winning swaddle, which can help your baby establish a peaceful sleep routine. It’s safer compared to not swaddling because you can remove loose blankets from their crib.

The Arms Up design lets your baby sleep naturally in the arms up position. Instead of restricting their movements by wrapping them with their arms tight at their sides, Swaddle Up is a better option so your baby can still squirm, but only enough that they don’t wake up. They can also reach their hands and learn how to self-soothe, which is essential so they can put themselves to sleep.

Why is Baby Swaddling the Best Way to Establish a Healthy Sleeping Routine?

When you swaddle a baby, it helps them feel secure and feel like they’re still inside their mother’s tummy. But aside from that, it keeps them from being disrupted due to their natural startle reflex, which all babies have. If you prevent their startle reflex, they can have a night of much better sleep, and so will you. Swaddling can also help your baby calm down, especially the fussy and colicky babies. You can also keep their hands off their faces to prevent scratching while they’re asleep. Lastly, you can avoid SIDS by removing unnecessary items from the crib, such as pillows, loose blankets, and stuffed animals.

Swaddle Up is an award-winning swaddle for your newborn. You won’t accidentally wrap your babies while using a blanket. It can limit the development of his hip and restricts their movement entirely. Get the best sleep now with Love to Dream.