What are the characteristics of fashion and its role in modern society?

Fashion is also a source of social control.  It helps us in knowing our thoughts, faith, outfits, music, speaking, etc. The fashion term is easily explained with the help of two words “Etiquette” and “convention”.  Both words refer to only improving society without going deeply with these terms. The word convention describes communal relations that follow the situations. These forms are only an agreement for society. They run smoothly on social relationships.  Etiquette is a kind of wish or greets others. It has a lot of mean for the whole society instead of unnecessary tolerance. There is an element of social acceptance behind it. If not, fashion may fall into the class of cynic. The fashion industry uses the internet platform for the marketing of their products. In past days the people had a habit of buying products after feeling the texture of the apparel. They checked the size and color of the dress then after decided to buy. This is not possible in online shopping. Bought a change in the mentality of the people was not easy but still, the fashion industry did it with the help of social platforms. The fashion industry focuses mostly on retailers who generally act as suppliers, sellers, and merchandisers for products to the customers. The retailing process of fashion products depends very much on the expending power of the customers. The fashion industry has some characteristics that make this industry vast:

  1. The fast change in fashion: It is an important characteristic of the fashion industry. Fashion change frequently all over the world. Most of the places have their traditional dresses. In Korea hanbok is their traditional dress that is designed for all women, men, and children there. The fashion trend varies according to weather change. He apparels change also took place according to the customer’s demand. We can say this industry has a changing nature. If like then survive long otherwise frequently change.
  2. Choice of the group: The fashion is not only a choice of any particular person while it is a choice of group. There is a difference between a style and a fashion. Style is something that is adopted by any individual when it is accepted by a large number of people it becomes a fashion.
  3. There is no confirmation about the efficiency of an element in the fashion industry. It is nor necessary that each fashion must carry a few utilities.
  4. The rapid spread of fashion all over the world is another characteristic of the fashion industry.
  5. The fashion industry is categorized into two categories production/ design and marketing. Design that is in high demand, production increase at a high level.