Makeup trends keep on getting hot and fabulous. It is not easy to apply makeup on skin that is super dry. Makeup can sometimes make your complexion look even drier. Make sure you choose the best setting powder for dry skin and do the necessary preparations. It is crucial to keep your complexion hydrated if you have dry skin. It makes putting on the makeup smoother. Following and maintaining a simple skin care routine for dry skin will help a lot.


Applying the foundation on your bare face will ruin everything. Do not apply the foundation at once. It is vital to cleanse and moisturize your complexion first if you have dry skin. You can use Micellar water to cleanse your skin. It is a French-favorite cleanser powered by tiny micelles or oil molecules. The micelles magnet the dirt, oil, and makeup out and away from the skin.You do not have to rinse this off. You saturate a cotton pad with some Micellar water and wipe it across your face. Using a cleanser hydrates and soothes your skin.


Using a moisturizer twice a day no matter what your skin type is a must. There is a moisturizer that matches how dry your skin is. Water-based moisturizers help provide long-lasting hydration. They have hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water in their formula. There are various moisturizers available in the market so be careful when choosing. The moisturizer envelops skin with moisture and helps it appear to be more radiant.


Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen over your moisturizer. Putting on something with an SPF of at least thirty will help protect your skin against UV rays. The fragile skin moisture barrier of a dry skin can get damaged with pollution and UV rays. If that happens, your skin will lose its ability to keep moisture and will become dehydrated. It will also feel tight and uncomfortable.

There are various makeup products that will match different skin types. Be sure to choose what is best for you. You can look for reviews and feedback to confirm a product’s usage and reliability. Many sites now offer fashion tips and you can get ideas from there. There are also a lot of blogs right now and you can find several of them discussing anything and everything about fashion and beauty. Having dry skin should not prevent you from staying beautiful. If you keep on this routine then you will be fine.