How to Buy Magic Mushrooms and Stay Safe

See how you can get the magic mushrooms anywhere across the world from the online, on a street or in a wild and stay safe doing this even it’s illegal where you live at. While it comes about magic mushrooms one of the biggest challenges comes while trying to buy them because most of the countries have made this illegal as the controlled substance.  Every country rule is different.  And some countries have this substance legal like Jamaica, Brazil, and the Netherlands whereas other countries it is illegal like Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom (there’re many more).

It is a bit tricky because even though it’s listed as the schedule I drug by Federal Government most of the states have actually decriminalized it.  In a few states that have not decriminalized still it is legal to buy shrooms online.   Decriminalizing means that they select not to spend resources or money to enforce federal law –

With all this being said, it’s on you on how you like to proceed in getting magic mushrooms.  Here’re a few options out there:

How to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online?

While it comes about buying online magic mushrooms this will be one of the safest and easiest ways of getting them even though it’s illegal where you stay. While it comes about buying the magic mushrooms on internet you can find that only species generally available is Psilocybe Cubensis although there are more than 180 different species available of the magic mushrooms.

Interesting thing about Psilocybe Cubensis is that they have this broken down in more than 40 various strains based on location of this world this was discovered and some people mixing various strains together and form the new strains. There’re many different options that you can look at while buying them on internet:

Grow Kit

This can include the box with fully inoculated with the magic mushroom mycelium.  The option involves you exposing mycelium to air, water and light and it can start to fruit & produce mushrooms in one week. Whereas this option sounds one of the easiest method it is tough to get in each location and 80% of places in this world have made illegal and most places will not even ship grow kit.  And even though they do ship this to you there can be the good chance it will get seized at customs in case you bought internationally.