How to accentuate your eyes by applying eyeliner

A spectacular way to accentuate your eyes is by applying eyeliner. However, women expect it to simpler as marking a line on the eyelid, but in a real sense, it’s more than just drawing a line around the eyelashes. magnetic lashes wholesale has varieties of the latest trend of eyeliners to choose from; follow the below steps to teach how you can apply your eyeliner suitable without messes:

Select the right eyeliner

Specific eyeliner color looks can look spectacular with your eye than other brands. You should also find an eyeliner color that will perfectly work with eye shadow choice. If you have blue eyes, you should opt for the following varieties: navy, charcoal, and brown. On the other hand, if you have blue eyes, you should opt for these varieties of colors: charcoal or brown. Additionally, if you have brown eyes, you should use eyeliner colors: plum or brown shades.

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Consider the appearance you intend to have

The impression you plan to have is an important consideration since it should match your eyeliner’s color. Lines of pencil makeup present a soft look, while liquid eyeliners give a more exact look.

Choose your type of eyeliner and get ready for its applications

You can either use liquid or pencil eyeliner, cake eyeliner, or dark shadow with a little liquid added. If you’ve decided to use a pencil liner, ensure it has been appropriately sharpened before you start using it. You prefer using a liquid liner, ensure it’s mix appropriately before you begin to apply it. If you prefer using a dark shadow or cake liner, add some drops of liquid to it, mix it with a little brush, and start applying.

Hold the liner like you can hold a pen

Holding an eyeliner like A pen will give you accurate control over the line you are marking. Holding it inappropriately will make your marking complicated; thus, it will offer your poor results.

Slightly tilt the head back

A slight tilt on the head back will provide you with a better angle while marking an application, allowing you to see exactly what you’re doing. Since the application can be made without a head tiled back, it will make it more challenging.

Application ate the top eyelid.

 Smudge the eyeliner using a cotton swab or even your finger. You can use a thin brush to smoothen the appearance. If you’re using the liquid eyeliner, ensure to apply with a smooth stroke and let dry completely; you open your eyes once. You should also ensure the fluid eyeliner won’t enter your eyes. Visit the official Magnet lashes wholesale website for more information.