Here’re signs that indicate you need a new prescription for eyes

If you use your glasses carefully, they can indeed last for more than two years. However, the chances are that they may not remain good enough to correct your vision. That’s because even eyes keep on changing with age. Here are some of the most diagnosed signs that indicate the need for new prescription glasses.


Blurriness is something that should never be ignored. Besides indicating vision changes, it can also be a sign of severe conditions like cataracts. The level of blurriness may be different in both eyes if they have different prescriptions. Vision changes can be extreme or subtle and easy to miss.

During the eye check-up, your eye care specialist will run tests to determine the changes in both eyes since the last visit. The professional will check your eyes for signs of other conditions and give you a new prescription for glasses to suit your eyes’ needs.

prescription glasses

Frequent headaches

When there are changes in the eye, the brain tries to adjust to the changes in the vision. The brain experiences strain as it gets worn out, and this often results in pain.

You can give rest to your eyes and take a painkiller for temporary relief. If the fatigue and pain return even after a few hours of rest, you should consider planning a visit to your eye specialist.

Put simply, in case of frequent headaches that are not linked to dehydration, hunger, or lack of sleep; you should consider checking the eye prescription date.

Eye fatigue due to poor vision

Eye fatigue can be a sign of several medical conditions like cold or flu, allergies, or a lack of sleep. Patients can also experience the same after spending hours staring at the computer or phone screen.

Eye fatigue occurs as eyes have to work hard to see the objects in front of you clearly. You should take a break from work and devices for a few days and check if your eyes feel relieved. If you experience eye fatigue even after taking a break, it is advisable to test your eyes and go for a new prescription.

Prolonged squinting

Eyes may squint to correct blurry vision occasionally. However, prolonged squinting indicates problems as it results in discomfort and strain on the eyes.

If the patient squints frequently and also experiences headaches as well as eye fatigue, the chances are that these are the signs of an outdated prescription. A new lens matching the eye condition is the only solution.

Glasses have reached their second birthday

Eyes are just like any other parts of the body that need a check-up. And, like medicines, eye prescription also has an expiry date. Thus, a yearly eye examination is crucial to ensure you get updated glasses after every twelve months. Remember, an outdated prescription not only puts a strain on your eyes but also damages them slowly.

If you are experiencing one of the five signs mentioned above, the time has come for you to update the eye prescription for maintaining good eye health. You can always order a new pair of glasses online from GogglesNmore.