Get Monogrammed Blazer Buttons for a Premium Look

Sometimes, a good button is all it takes to make even the most ordinary blazers look and feel more premium.

Unfortunately, blazer buttons never seem to get their much deserved attention unlike other blazer parts like length, breasts and lapels.

Most of the time, people wrongly assume that they don’t really have that much options as far as blazer buttons are concerned. Well, they are right in a way. If you are the one shopping for a button, once you see a specific blazer you like, chances are you will no longer pay attention to the material or other aspects of the blazer. More often than not, you settle for a blazer based on its color alone.

But, in reality, aside from the color of your blazer, you still need to consider a plethora of other things. You might not realize it but buttons are staple decorations on blazers and this means that blazers will never be complete without them.

The button you choose can make a big difference when it comes to the style and formality of your blazer, particular these days when ties and handkerchiefs are no longer a thing.

If you want to make your blazer feel and look more premium, it is time for you to get monogrammed blazer buttons.

When shopping for blazer buttons, make sure you consider the following:

Think of Your Shoes

What color of shoes will you be wearing with your blazer? Will you wear brown shoes, black shoes or the combination of these two colors?

In general, blazer buttons look so much better if their color resembles that of your shoes. It means that black and navy buttons will look best if you pair them with your black shoes or shoes with very dark brown color at the most.

Blazer buttons of dark brown color can go well with black and brown shoes and brown buttons will look better when paired with brown shoes.

Black buttons are nicer compared to navy similar to black shoes and mid-brown colors can add a touch of interest instead of grey.

To Contrast or Not to Contrast?

Do you want your blazer buttons that will contrast the material of your blazer? Generally speaking, the buttons that stand out the most are those that look more casual. Smart dark suits have buttons of similar tone or color. Suits of navy color often feature very dark brown, navy or black buttons.

When choosing your blazer buttons, sometimes, it is not enough to just go for the usual ones. This is when monogrammed blazer buttons are your best option. Since they are monogrammed, you can be sure that these buttons are unique and made especially for you. You can have your own initials monogrammed or anything else that you like. The thing is that you can be sure that no one else will have the same blazer buttons like yours.

If a premium looking blazer is what you have always wanted to have, don’t hesitate to shop and place your order for’s custom engraved blazer buttons.