How to Wear Shapewears Better

Instead of relying on Photoshop for a glamorous and sleek look, it is time that you invest in shapewears. With shapewears, your body will look natural. Aside from a slimmer appearance, it can also provide support to your bust and back areas. In the end, it can improve your overall look.

If you are a woman, shapewears should be a part of your wardrobe. While there are different types, sizes, and brands to choose from, the real challenge is wearing it right. To help you get started, here are some tips for wearing shapewear better:

Determine what you are dressing up for

You should start by understanding that your shapewear can set the tone for your whole outfit. With this, it is crucial that you start the foundation right. If you are after powerful sculpting for your curves, you should remember that the higher the compression, the more dramatic the effect.

  • Light control compression: light control or medium compression shapewear can smooth trouble spots so you can wear clothes more comfortably at the same time rocking the look all day.
  • Medium control compression: medium control or medium-high compression is effective in accentuating the curves. These shapewears are made of stretchy fabrics that move with your body. It can also add subtle contours to your body shape.
  • Extra-firm control compression: extra-firm or high compression are perfect for formal occasions and structured clothing. With this, you will feel sturdy and toned.

Be familiar with your natural body type

When it comes to picking the most flattering shapewear, you have to be familiar with your natural body type. For instance, the apple-shaped body should consider shaping camisoles while the pear-shaped body needs a thigh-shaper.

As for the most coveted body shape, the hourglass, you need a bodysuit and rectangle-shaped body needs a rear-enhancing brief. To put it simply, you should remember the following to determine what your figure needs:

  • Create a balance between your top and bottom curves.
  • Create a foundation for the clothing to lie over.

Know the favorites for special occasions

For special occasions, you should know the right shapewear. Some tips include the following:

  • Shaping slip is ideal if you need to create a smooth silhouette.
  • Bodysuits are better if you want an all-over coverage.
  • Corsets can help you fit into a smaller size thereby emphasizing the narrow waist.
  • Mid-thigh shaper is best if you have bulk all over.
  • Seamless panties can get rid of panty lines as well as slim down your hips, thighs, rear, and even the stomach.

Final words

For more ideas and inspiration, you should at least consider Shapermint reviews on Reading reviews and doing your research will surely lead you to the right shapewear. It will also make shopping easier. While you are at it, you should have an open mind because there are other reviews that are not helpful and truthful.