How to Keep Your Nails Healthy in Good Shape and Form

A good set of nails can help an individual achieve the look that they desire. This goes a long way in helping completely draw attention to you especially when the nails are taken care of. Applying Bases semipermanentes can help breathe new life to your nails especially with the variety of colors that are available at present. A good contributing factor in helping you achieve success with your nail fashion is having a strong foundation in terms of structure and shape. Let us explore some tips on how to keep the nails healthy and strong.

Terrible Practices to Avoid

It should be noted that people can do permanent damage to their nails without them knowing it. A good example of this is when people don’t leave their cuticles alone. Cuticle manipulation is a popular practice; however, doctors often advise their patients to leave them alone especially since it acts as a barrier to fungus and bacteria.  Cutting it off can put your nails and cuticles at risk as they can become swollen or ragged in the process. This can potentially lead to permanent nail damage which is something that you don’t want to happen.

Several individuals often have a habit of visiting a professional to tend to their nails. Although this is a good practice, people are advised to limit their visits. The reason behind this is that people who frequently go to this type of clinics are more likely to suffer from dry, brittle nails. Some salons may use nail products with harsh chemicals and ingredients, which their clients may not be aware of. A good way of avoiding this issue is by bringing your own tools such as bases semipermanentes all the time. Doing so will help give you confidence as you know the product that you are using.

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Food as a Foundation

A common misconception people have with nails is that food does not affect their growth. This is simply untrue as there are a number of important nutrients that can help keep our nails to be in tiptop shape. On the list are the following: biotion, B-vitamins, iron, magnesium, protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and zinc. For that matter, a number of individuals can make the necessary changes on their diet to accommodate the needs of their bodies, including their nails.


Taking care of our nails starts from personal hygiene, staying healthy in general, and the choice of appropriate manicure procedure and tools.