Here’s the No-frills Guide to Preparing Your Skin for a Sunless Tan

Whether you want to fake a holiday glow or you just want to look slightly sun-kissed, you can consider fake tan & body scrubs online. Tanning these days will no longer require you to expose your skin directly to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The secret here is finding the right tanning products.

You must know that tanning products come in lotion, scrub, spray and cream form. It contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone), an active ingredient that adds color to your skin. By applying tanning products, it can temporarily darken the skin thereby simulating a tan. Depending on the product, the color will wear off after a few days or a month.

Many use tanning products these days because it is considered to be safe for external application. However, if you want to go green, there is always Organic Fake Tan & Body Scrubs options available. Before you purchase, just make sure to read the ingredients label.

You must understand that preparing your skin for the sunless tan is crucial in the success of the application. So, here’s how to prepare your skin:

Remove hair before applying

It is recommended to start with a smooth and hair-free body before tanning. If you shave, you have to do it 24 hours before the application to close the pores. If you are waxing, do it 2 days before the application. Aside from allowing the pores to close, this will also allow wax residue to be washed away thereby leaving the skin clear.

Encourage the pores to close

Many people using tan observe little brown dots all over their legs after application. This is the result of open pores from shaving too close to the application. You must give the pores time to close before applying. Aside from shaving and waxing days before the application, you should also consider showering pre-tan for cold rinse. Using a cold compress can also help.

Avoid applying anything

After removing hair, you should avoid applying anything – even perfume and deodorant. These additives can cause disaster because it will react with the tan. For instance, a deodorant and tanning product will produce a green color. Unless you are going for the Gamora look, you should avoid this.

Think about moisturizing dry areas

You do not want to end up with elbows, knees, knuckles, toes, and ankles two or more shades darker than the rest of your body because you forgot about moisturizing it. Always remember that dry areas need to be moisturized before tanning.

Things to do after the tan

You had a successful tanning session but what should you do after? Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Avoid shaving: you have to shave before the application otherwise you are risking shaving the tan with blades. Remember that blades will pick up any dead skin cells, which can affect the color.
  • Moisturize: to ensure an even fade, you have to moisturize one day after the application and then continue it as part of your basic beauty regimen. Keep in mind that a fake tan prefers to be hydrated so pamper it every day.
  • Top-up: if you want your tan to last longer, you can choose to top it up after a few days. There are gradual tans that can keep you going until you are ready to start at number one again but if all else fails, you can always consider tan removing products.