Find The Sunglasses That’s Right For You With These Tips

The sun we get exposed to  gives us UV rays that for all we know is harmful. We often hear about these UV rays but many people do not know that these rays can also cause cumulative damage to the eyes. Serious eye and health problems such as cataracts, snow blindness, and skin cancer even. Even glaring or reflections for short term can burn your eye lens front surface that is why good sunglasses is important to protect your eyes as 99-100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. You can find fashionable sunglasses with protection benefits around the market

What are the features of good sunglasses?

  • It should be Sunglasses that fit you do not only make them look better but can also determine how effective they can block the harmful rays of the sun. They should fit on your head without getting you uncomfortable. The lens’ center should be straight direct with the center of your eye and UV rays should not enter the sides due to frames that are so wide as sunglasses that do not fit you right can be as harmful to your eyes as direct sunlight.
  • Consider the shape of your sunglasses as there are a lot of variations available. The shape you choose is an aesthetic choice, so find a shape that you like and looks good on you with your facial features although you should mind choosing the shape of your sunglasses that can help protect your eyes.
  • Make sure that your sunglasses can offer you 100 percent of UV ray protection against the sun. As it is the main function of your sunglasses, you may take even better care of your eyes with polarized and anti-reflective lenses to reduce glare.
  • Look out for the type of material made for a pair of sunglasses. Since most sunglasses get made out of plastic, especially the lenses, but the type of plastic the come from can make a big difference. The most common types of plastics used for making sunglasses and its lenses are the following:
    • Stronger plastics. These are less likely to break or shatter and injure your eyes.
    • It is both durable and lightweight, also both common in lenses and frames of sunglasses.
    • CR-39. A high-grade plastic used for sunglass lenses and shatter-resistant.
  • Tints block sunlight due to its filter light. Different lens tint filter different light colors, the following are the variants of lens tints:
    • Grey-tinted lenses reduce brightness without color distortion making them good for drivers.
    • Amber and brown lenses reduce blue light and glare.
    • Gradient lenses are lenses that are darker at the top and fade to a lighter tint. It helps block the sunlight without darkening the view so much.

Always remember before buying sunglasses the tips suggested to you. A good pair of sunglasses is a pair that can protect your eyes from all the harmful effects. You can ask for suggestions in your counter or market about the best sunglasses to buy and choose what best suits your taste.