Top Best Swimsuits for the Summer

  Swimsuits are chic any day. Things even get better if you can choose the right color and design.  You can come by various high-waisted bikinis as well as one-piece swimsuits all over the place to make your swimming experience a unique one. The price is also not too much, and you can still afford a very good one that will last for long even if you are living on a budget.

When buying a swimsuit for the summer, look for one with clever flourishes like seam detailing and color-blocking.

In this write-up, you will learn about sweet looking swimsuits that are super sexy aside from being highly effective for the desired purpose.

Freya Sundance Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit

This swimsuit is available in various colors like black, brown, white and blue.  The band sizes also vary from 30 to 36. Furthermore, it is available in various cup sizes, like D, DD, E, F, FF. It is a UK-sized swimsuit, and there is an assurance that you will always find something that will work perfectly for your body frame.  Some of its features are highlighted below:

  • It features stretch and has beaded accents at the back of its neck
  • Its sides boning is reinforced to provide a streamlined, structured profile.
  • The perfect tan can be achieved in this swimsuit by the crochet overlap that pulls down under the cups
  • The cups are full-finished and supportive; they also have seamed foam-lining
  • Generally, it is a semi-sheer, underwire, crochet swimsuit for a perfect swimming experience.
  • The stretch microfiber in its structure comes with crochet overlay
  • The snapback closure is simple and sturdy for prolonged use
  • It features a built-in bikini bottom that comes wi elastic waist and rear coverage

The swimsuit is made using the following materials:

  • 4% polyester
  • 12% elastane
  • 84% polyamide

Suboo Ziggy Stripped Bottom

This swimsuit is beautiful in all sense of the word.  It is budget-friendly and can make your summer an enjoyable one. It is available in all kinds of sizes and colors.  It features a considerably high waisted silhouette, and its contract stripe side panels make it stand out.

It has a stretched waistband for perfect fitting.  The tailored waistband can fit into your bulk perfectly for a wonderful swimming experience.  It is fully lined for added padding and protection for the wearer.

It is made of the materials highlighted below:

  • 5% spandex
  • 35% polyester
  • 60% rayon

Acacia Swimwear

The brand is founded by Lyndie Irons and Naomi Newirth.  Its design is inspired by the love of the makers for exotic beaches and travel.  The swimsuit creates a meeting point between a flirty brazilin fit and a low cut Italian bikini.  Its details are further oriented with linings and prints. It is made of soft Italian fabric that pampers the skin of the wearer.   Additionally, it provides seamless comfort and places the wearer in a class of her own.

It is made of the following materials:

  • 15% spandex for lining
  • 85% nylon for lining
  • 13% spandex for self
  • 87% nylon for self

It is recommended for hand washing. Only cold water should also be used.  It comes with ribbed fabric for improved quality and sexy appearance. It equally features back tie closure and halter neck with tassel accent.

Fella Swimsuit

The company is in Sydney, Australia and was founded by Christine Tang and Rosie Iffla in 2012. The design comes with a supportive construction and is highly versatile, making it useful during the day and night for swimming.  The design is simple but elegant and sophisticated in its simplicity. The fabric is a top-quality material of Italian origin. The tailoring is done expertly and beautifully, thereby accentuating all the curves of the wearer, giving her a bold, sleek silhouette. The swimsuit is more or less a meeting point between activewear and lingerie.

The fabric is composed of the following:

  • 28% Elastane
  • 72% polyamide

Other features are highlighted below:

  • It features a raised texture
  • It has a scooped back
  • It equally features cheeky bikini bottoms
  • It is well lined to promote comfort
  • It originates from Indonesia

Height swimsuit

It is the best swimsuit for all seasons. It is the perfect addition to your baggage when packing things for your honeymoon.  Maybe you want to have a bath beside your swimming pool at home; this swimsuit will also look great in a poolside photograph. Its all-angle flattering appearance makes it look both functional and sexy.  It is fully lined, and this ensures opaque coverage. It equally has one shoulder silhouette for that beautiful look like none other. You can make a bold statement with this swimsuit if you wear earrings and sunglasses along with it.

The fabric is composed of the following:

  • 16% elastane
  • 84% polyamide

Other features are highlighted below:

  • It is made with black stretch polyamide
  • It can be hand washed
  • It may get discolored over time if it comes in contact with materials like chlorine, oil, and sunscreen. Bear in mind that such discoloration is not a defect from the manufacturer.

You can use it for years to come, and it will remain beautiful and maintain its normal color if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it.

Pretty little thing

It is available in both pink and red colors. It also features triangle cups that enhance the cleavage of the wearer.  It is made using a fabric inspired by sport-luxe scuba. The ultra cool contracts color design makes it stand out a great deal.  It can combine perfectly with matching bottoms for a wonderful beach experience.

 The fabric is composed of the following:

  • 5% elastane
  • 95% polyester


The above are some of the best swimsuits that you can buy for the summer. They are beautiful and will bring out all your curves so that you can have a sensual fun-filled beach experience. The swimsuits are also the perfect choice for poolside parties and can be used for a quiet swimming pool bath.  All the swimsuits described above and budget-friendly and will not put a hole in your pocket.