Helpful Tips on How to Cut Down Fashion Cost

  The present-day economy calls for very careful spending. Everything you can do to cut cost on the things you use at home should be done. It is not a bad idea also if you cut down how much you spend on fashion.  Your wardrobe does not have to look expensive before you can make a good fashion statement. Making a strong fashion statement is not necessarily about the brand name or the cost; it is more about common sense in choosing the right things.

According to financial experts, it is not wise to spend more than 5% of your income on clothing.  If you earn $3000 per month, for example, you should not spend more than $150 on clothing.  What if I tell you that you do not even have to spend so much to make a good fashion statement?

In this write-up, you will learn about a couple of things you can do to reduce how much you have to spend on fashion.

Avoid factory outlets

Many people are so frenzied about purchasing from factory outlet stores. Some even believe that buying from them is cheaper than other stores.  For your information, those deals you get at factory outlets may look great, but they are not as great as the manufacturers want you to believe.

 In the real sense, buying from factory outlets is synonymous with buying cheaper made clothing at a lower price. You can get a better deal from other outlets than the factory store. You may not believe it that most of the big brand factory lines only sell poor quality dresses that also have a poor fitting.  Consequently, you may not get a good value for your money when you buy from these outlets.

Make your inquiries

Is your friend using the same size of dress as you? Then you can ask that friend to sell you any clothing she is not wearing. You are not collecting it for free from her; you are only buying off what she is not using.  However, you do not want to appear tacky. Consequently, you should limit such a request to close friends alone.

If you are a man and your friend changes his suit regularly, you can ask him to sell any of his outfits not being used frequently to you, provided that friend uses the same size as you.  If that suit-loving friend changes from office work to a stay-at-home job that only requires casual wears, most of his suits may become useless to him. You can ask him to sell them to you. Those suits will still be fashionable, and you can also get them at a very low price coupled with the fact that they will fit you perfectly since you have the same body frame and height as your friend.

High-quality basics are ok

Cheaper is not always better; you must keep this in mind when buying clothes. A jean costing $100 can last for a longer period than one that costs just $20. The cheaper one may serve you a couple of times and will become too useless to wear, whereas the more expensive one may be used for more than 200 times, which means you will a good value for your money on the more expensive ones. Buying the expensive one may look like a waste of money, but it will give you a better value for your money and help you to save money in the long run.

Make sure the expensive high quality you want to buy will flatter your appearance and suit you perfectly so that you can get great value from it each time you wear it. You will feel great each time you wear it and the confidence bestowed on you by the dress will undoubtedly enhance your career.

Buying such dresses can save you from spending money on your wardrobe for a long time to come.  Also, you may not even have to spend up to $100 on that high-end quality dress; you can buy it for cheaper from outlets like eBay. Find out if it is a reputable brand before you buy and not some cheap knock-offs.

Avoid sales and shopping sprees

You will be doing your wardrobe or wallet a lot of damage each time you buy a multitude of those heavily discounted dresses after an entire day of shopping.  If care is not taken, most of those dresses may not last for long, and then you will realize that your hard-earned money is wasted on the so-called discounted clothes.

You should choose every item you buy thoughtfully since you can only spare a small amount of money on clothing.

Many of the clothes you buy during those shopping sprees may not even fit you properly. Consequently, you cannot wear them regularly, which will translate to a waste of resources.  You may not even use all the dresses you have purchased, and some of them might have gone out of fashion after stocking them in the corner of your wardrobe untouched for a long time.

Why not simply go for few dresses that you are crazy about and will use frequently?  Aside from helping you to save some money, it will also reduce how long you have to spend on shopping and reduce the stress you have to undergo.

Used clothes are as good as new

Not all used clothes are out of fashion or bad. If you cannot spare the money for the new clothing item, why not just go for used ones? Many of the used ones are still ok, and you can still make fashion statements in them. Bear in mind that many of the clothes came from individuals that are just not using them or those who want to change their wardrobe. There is nothing bad about visiting thrift stores for your dresses. There is no point in spending heavily when you can avoid it.


With the tips provided above, you will not have to spend your life savings on changing your wardrobe. You should always buy smartly so that you can get more value from the clothes you purchase.